We Market Directly to Attorneys

When you register at PI-CEU, you'll be taking advantage of our software that automatically includes your name in its state-wide databases. You can test it within seconds to see for yourself how easily attorneys will be able to find you. That's because we designed the most dynamic search system presently available in our profession. 

In fact, if your name is William, but everyone knows you as Billy, our "sounds-alike" system allows potential clients to still find you. If your name is Margaret, but you go by Peggy... no problem. If it's Jorge and people know you as George...they'll find you. 

We want to make sure potential clients find YOU!!

What's more, we engage in ongoing marketing of the very attorneys who need your services the most --- those who practice trial litigation, both plaintiff and defense!! 

And just in case we missed anyone, PI-CEU is also actively engaged in marketing and advertising through state and national legal publications to enhance our exposure... and improve your presence around the country. And you get it all at No Cost to You!!

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